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Nick Vujicic, Man Without Limbs, speaks at One Voice Student Gathering

Nick Vujicic surfing.

Even without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic lives life to the fullest. He surfs, swims, sails, fishes, sky dives, and plays golf as well as soccer. Nothing fazes him anymore—but it wasn’t always as easy to leap over hurdles.

Nick Vujicic grew up experiencing what many teens struggle with: depression, loneliness, and insecurities. However, his relationship with Christ helped him through, leading him to a “ridiculously good life,” as he puts it. Now, Vujicic is an international motivational speaker, speaking to millions of people to help find their purpose and live a life without limits.

Nick Vujicic – Credit to OVSM

Vujicic was invited to speak at a three-day conference in Pasadena, California hosted by One Voice Student Missions (OVSM), an organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel in America’s high schools. He joined a lineup of speakers including Todd White, Brian Brennt, Daniel Kolenda, and more. Following a radical worship session that moved people to tears, Vujicic took the stage in front of a crowd of more than a thousand, many of them high school or college students.

He spoke about how when he was 17, a janitor at school encouraged him to speak at the Christian Club. After refusing to do so for months on end, he conquered his insecurities and showed others the mighty love of God through his speech. Now, he travels around the world to share his testimony and see God move the hearts of millions.

But when Vujicic was 10, he tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in a bathtub. It was a dark period in his life, but he emerged with his faith in God ten times stronger.

“What disabled me was not the lack of limbs—it was fear,” he said. “You’ve heard the acronym before, F-E-A-R, False Evidence Appearing Real. Here’s an acronym for faith: F-A-I-T-H. Full Assurance In The Heart. You have faith to believe something because God said so. Not because you feel so, not because you see so, but because God said so.”

He spoke of a nationwide revival sweeping America in what is currently the largest untouched mission field: high schools.

“A spark of revival will really happen if people pray and fast for it,” Vujicic said.

One Voice Student Mission helps students start Christian Clubs at school. OVSM’s founder Brian Barcelona was an atheist before he had a “love encounter” with God at the age of 16. A friend had invited him to church for months, but Barcelona only cracked when he was promised free Jamba Juice. In church, he dared God to touch him and prove He was real.

Worship session lead by Lindy Conant at One Voice Student Gathering. Credit to OVSM.

“I felt so overwhelmed with love that I’ve never felt before,” he said. “I just started weeping and weeping and weeping and in that moment I encountered this God that everyone had talked about, and for once in my life it was actually becoming real to me.”

At the age of 18, Barcelona had a vision that God was going to save the high schools of America. He started preaching in a Bible club of about six students, which quickly grew to 600 teens in a month. That meeting ran every single week for two years. Now, OVSM continues to reach out into campuses across the United States and touch students’ hearts.

Brian Barcelona speaking at One Voice Student Gathering. Credit to OVSM
Brian Barcelona speaking at One Voice Student Gathering. Credit to OVSM

“There’s so much complexity in teenagers. There’s so much they go through but if you look at history, both great movements of God and great catastrophes have one thing in common: young people,” said Barcelona. “Young people are influenced but influential. When you share stories of what God can do, it sparks in their heart this faith that they’ve always wanted and it gives them permission to trust and believe in the Lord.”

Worship band at One Voice Student Gathering. Credit to OVSM.
Worship band at One Voice Student Gathering. Credit to OVSM.



Insider Cassandra Hsiao with Nick Vujicic in 2012. Credit to Cassandra


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