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One Classy Kitchen

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Two OCSA juniors, Austin January and Noah Rosen, have pretty cool summer plans. Why do you care? Because those summer plans involve candied bacon, mushroom risotto, heirloom vegetables, and steak.

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Root Vegetable soup appetizer

January and Rosen are opening Class Kitchen, a pop-up restaurant, this summer. They explain a pop-up restaurant is a “a temporary establishment that pops up in an existing location; a way for chefs without a restaurant of their own to exhibit their talents.Class Kitchen strives to serve “an exceptional fine dining experience” of Modern American Food. Modern American food, their website explains, “is a blend of the rich culinary tradition.” The writer sees no coincidence in the fact that as juniors, both studied U.S. History this year.

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Popovers, the Amuse Bouche

Class Kitchen promises exceptional service and food. Nine other OCSA Students from a variety of conservatories work at Class Kitchen. Some culinary arts students work as chefs, while other students have contributed in marketing or graphic design.

Class Kitchen works as a prix fixe menu, which means that diners pay one price and enjoy a chef-planned four-course meal. The entire menu will certainly make you hungry. It can be found here or on Class Kitchen’s website,

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Maple bread pudding with candied bacon

Dreaming of these delectable flavors? Reservations are $42 each, but you’re sure to enjoy impeccable food as great service. If you donate through Kickstarter, you can earn other rewards—everything from signed menus to private catering and logo wear.

Class Kitchen is open 5:30pm-10:00pm, on Fridays and Sundays. Dates include June 26-27, July 10-11, July 17-18, July 24-25, August 7-8, and August 14-15.

“CLASS kitchen” is located at the Midway Market in the pre-existing restaurant Waffleholic, which is:1661 Superior Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

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