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Opinion: The inconsistency in being pro-choice and anti-death penalty

On 9:27 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 10, Brandon Bernard was executed by the federal government via a lethal injection after being incarcerated for 20 years on death row. 

Although this was not the first federal execution since the revival of the death penalty by the Trump administration, Brandon Bernard’s death was met with great outcry and opposition. While not all Americans are supportive of the death penalty, there currently appear to be dissidents who are far more vocal in their distaste for the practice, with prominent politicians such as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeting for the abolishment of death row.

Ironically, however, these very same death penalty opponents are unapologetically pro-abortion. 

This view is confusing, to say the least. To be outraged by the death penalty, but not abortion is a hypocritical, inconsistent stance.

One can logically be anti-abortion and pro-death penalty. One can also be pro-life and anti-death penalty. But, pro-abortion and anti-death penalty? 

Abortion takes away the life of an innocent human being. Babies are the most vulnerable among us. They cannot talk or communicate. They are not allowed to plead their case to the abortionist and request a stay.

In addition to being the most vulnerable, babies are also the most innocent and pure. They do not commit heinous crimes, they know no hate and have no prejudices. They are not at fault for their existence on earth.

Yet, we as a society have decided it is acceptable to slaughter them, with over 2,000 abortions taking place in the United States per day. 

Meanwhile, a criminal on death row has chosen to commit a grave, life-taking crime, which led to their death sentence. Proponents of the death penalty will say that by taking the life of another human being, the criminal has forfeited their right to live. Yet, the convict gets due process and an opportunity to defend themselves. 

A baby does not. 

If it is unjust to take the life of a guilty murderer, then why is it just to take the life of an innocent being? 

Abortions take place behind closed doors, daily and thousands of times a day. The fact that abortions take place have become “old news” at this point, so the media does not cover them. A high-profile criminal case resulting in the death penalty is much more exciting, spurring people to want to take action.

Celebrities do not come to console abortive mothers, instead, they visit those on death row, thus generating further publicity. Supporting the lives of preborn babies is not the “glamorous or in” thing to do.

However, just because something happens during the course of the day, every day does not mean it should be normalized. 

If one is willing to protest the twenty-plus executions that have been performed by the Trump administration, then they should be more than ready to protest the hundreds of thousands of executions committed by abortion clinics each year.