Republicans have a tendency to undergo selective hearing. (Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore / Flickr)
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Opinion: The selective hearing of the Republican Party

Selective hearing is the ability to listen to a single speaker while in a crowded or loud environment, according to Healthline. When humans utilize selective hearing they only listen to what they are interested in and want to hear.

The Republican party uses selective hearing to solely listen to conservative news stations and politicians and not take in any outside opinions or information. Republicans also utilize selective speaking and thinking as the discrepancies in their opinions causes many of their views to be incomprehensible.

As I wrote in a past article Donald Trump is very hypocritical. He will say one thing, but his past and present actions will prove another. So it is only logical that his supporters follow the same hypocritical thinking patterns.  

Recently, the Republican party has been combating the “Black Lives Matter” movement and protests by saying “All Lives Matter.” However, in the eyes of many Republicans, all lives don’t matter. If that life is anything other than a straight, white, cisgender, Christan or male it becomes irrelevant and worthless.

Now, this may seem like a wild claim, but there are layers and layers of facts that prove it.

Trump is attempting to allow adoption agencies the ability to turn away LGBTQ+ families. Systemic racism is very real and people of color face oppression and battle white privilege every day, examples of this range from what coloring companies label as “skin color” to police brutality.

Trump and his administration continuously attempt to stop/are stopping transgender people from serving in the military. There continuously are attacks on Mosques in the U.S. Women face systemic sexism every day through their whole lives, from the way that they dress to their salary.

If the lives of people in the groups listed above actually mattered to the Republican Party, then Republicans wouldn’t be silent about, or rather working to support the oppression and or hatred towards minority groups.

The same logic applies to the Pro-Life argument. I always correct people that say “Pro-Life” to “Pro-Birth” because once that fetus is born, if it is not their idea of perfect, it becomes worthless to pro-lifers.

The “All Lives Matter” movement also didn’t exist until the “Black Lives Matter” movement started. Republicans and those behind “ALM” didn’t start the movement in efforts to uphold the idea that all lives are valuable, but rather to argue against “BLM” so they can keep up their systems of racism and oppression. 

My next point also involves Black Lives Matter protests that are currently happening all around the world. If you remember, a couple of weeks ago Republicans were protesting to lift quarantine so they could get haircuts, go back to their jobs, get their nails done, etc. A WIRED article touched on how strange these protests were and how those in the MAGA bubble see a completely different world than outsiders.

Nonetheless, the protests happened. Now, people are protesting for African-American people’s right to exist, and the very same people who were out protesting the stay at home orders just a couple of weeks ago are concerned about the second wave of Coronavirus hitting because of the protests. 

You cut a Republican, and they will bleed lies, hypocrisy and confusion in their views. There is no doubt that the United States’ current division of political parties is toxic and scarily often I see political opinions and thoughts that were made solely to prove the other side wrong rather than further anything.

The Republican party handpicks which aspects of which movements they will stand for, most of which make no sense, and do not fit together.