Trump supporters console one another outside City Hall.(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)
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Opinion: There’s no unity without accountability

As Congresswoman AOC has said, “there’s no unity without accountability.” 

Following a Pro-Trump rally on Jan. 6, it quickly became a deadly riot at the Capitol. It was a terrifying act with rioters waving confederate flags and invading government property. On a deleted Twitter video message from Donald Trump, he told them to “go home” and that he “loved” them.

“If our nation experiences additional violence and destruction at the hands of his supporters in Washington DC and state capitols around the country, and [Donald Trump] does not directly and unambiguously speak out now when threats are known, [Donald Trump] will bear responsibility,” Republican Sen. Rob Portman said in a statement.

The Trump administration is undermining our democracy. During the Washington protests, Donald Trump threatened protestors with “ominous weapons” and “vicious dogs.” With the attempted coup at the capitol, on the other hand, they were soothed by the President and it ultimately resulted in 3 police officers being assaulted by the mob.

One can only wonder why peaceful protestors were pepper-sprayed, shot with rubber bullets for marching for equal rights when rioters at the Capitol faced little to no condemnation whilst explicitly chanting “hang Mike Pence.”

Enough is enough. Storming a government building holding members of Congress is unthinkable. Attempted coups are not symbolic of the United States.

There are no more excuses for this “Patriotic” behavior that is even capable of going against law enforcement they had supported so passionately this past summer.

The continuous double standards and swaying towards the convenience of the current administration are dangerous. 

You cannot support a man and administration that coaxes rioters on Twitter yet tells BLM protestors: “Any difficulty and we will assume control, but when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

People often argue that unity is absolutely vital. I don’t disagree. I believe it’s necessary to head towards a truly equitable society where everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability and ethnicity has equality.

However, under Donald Trump’s 4 years as president, he has not only divided our country, he has incredibly managed to divide the Republican Party. At this point in time, it’s difficult to see eye to eye when Trump has encouraged sides to become so extremist at the expense of our democracy.

During this time, he has encouraged white supremacy, fascism and antisemitism masquerading to be a representative of Christianity. While he has pushed the working class far under and helped the top percent, accountability must be presented before we can unite. 

If members of the right-wing population believe the potential impeachment would further distinguish the American people, what did they believe would happen with illegitimate claims of election fraud? 

With multiple offenses, Donald Trump must be impeached. If he is not, regardless of how much longer his term is, it shows Americans that this seditious behavior is tolerated and that he is above the law. He must be held accountable for the chaos he has incited nationally. 

Jan. 12, Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger was asked “If these actions, the Article ll Branch inciting a deadly insurrection against the Article l Branch — are not worthy of impeachment, then what is an impeachable offense?”

This makes Kinzinger one of an estimated two dozen Republicans that will support the impeachment of Donald Trump. 

To quote Sen. Bernie Sanders: “It must be made clear that no president, now or in the future, can lead an insurrection against the U.S government.” 

When accountability is served, America’s wounds can heal, and finally, we can unite.