Orange County School of the Arts

Poem: Below – Free Verse Poetry

The rushing vivacious wave engulfs me 

underneath its surf 

I thrash my limbs submerged 

helplessly trying to reach for the waters palm 

and push my weight up 

My lips meet the surface and feel the flowering flame

of oxygen trickle down my lungs 

Yet again the tyranny of the ocean pulls me down 

My eyes are foggy and my lungs are tired 

but they crave defiance 

My body is collapsing and still 

the shades of the water become similar to 

the color of a combusted candle 

Now the bubbles from my mouth become scarce 

and I am a flightless scarlet ibis 

The feeling in my fingers fade and my heartbeat echoes shallowly

but with a painted smirk defeat rises