Q&A with Sara Harberson: Dirty little secrets of the college admissions process

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A Q&A answering YOUR questions on the dirty little secrets behind the college admissions process with Sara Harberson.

We talk everything from essays to Asian bias to red flags in a student’s application. Seniors, listen up–this information may be the key to your success.

Harberson is a nationally recognized authority on elite college admissions. She has held positions such as Associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, Dean of Admissions at Franklin and Marshall College, and Director of College Counseling at the Baldwin School on the Philadelphia Main Line.

She founded Admissions Revolution, a free website meant to equip students with the key to admissions success, including insider info on the process.


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00:39 – What seniors should be focusing on
02:53 – The movement towards not requiring standardized tests
05:19 – The biggest flaw in the college admissions process
07:13 – Immediate “red flags” in a student’s application
10:07 – Are “optional” recommendation letters beneficial?
11:38 – “Why Us” essay tips
14:12 – How NOT to write a “Why Us” essay
15:46 – The truth about Asian American Bias
19:48 – The type of students colleges are looking for
21:12 – How to increase visibility as an applicant (ACTIVITIES LIST & ESSAYS)
25:38 – The magic number of universities to apply to


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