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Quiz: How bad is your Senoritis?

How Bad is Your Senoritis?


  1. How done are you with school?
    1. well…
    2. done.
    3. DONE.
    4. Ha.ha
  2. How many new Netflix shows have you started?
    1. Maybe only like 1?
    2. More than I’d like to admit.
    3. I’ll get back to you once I finish “Mad Men”
  3. How much have your grades dropped?
    1. They’ve improved, because I’m done with college apps?
    2. About the same
    3. I’m trying not to get my admission receded….
    4. Ha.

4. Do you feel nostalgic toward high school?

  1. There are some people I’ll miss.
  2. I guess so?
  3. Yup, totally gonna miss the all-nighters and mean people.
  4. Ha.


5. Are you excited to graduate?

    1. Yes.
    2. YES!
    4. Ha.