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Six best moments of #TeamCap Civil War press conference: Smack-talking Team Iron Man, Stucky, and more

The “Civil War” press conference is a gift to humanity. Filled with laughs, sass, and gif-able moments, the unforgettable #TeamCap panel featured Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Joe Russo and Kevin Feige. Here are six of the most memorable moments of the hour!


  1. Sassing #TeamIronMan
Photo credit: Cassandra Hsiao

You can’t have a Civil War press conference without a little playful tension from the two sides. Grae Drake, the moderator hailing from Rotten Tomatoes, brought it up. “From Team Iron Man we got the slightest bit of backtalk.”

“That’s because they’re old,” said Mackie, the wisecracking actor behind Falcon. “They’re Team Remember-to-Take-Your-Gingko-Biloba.”

The joke continued to pop up throughout the panel.

Rudd: “We have to go back to the Ginko Bilobas.”

Mackie: “That was a good joke.”

Rudd: “That was a really good joke.”

Mackie: “That one I thought of it myself. You can use it.”

Rudd: “It’s not that good.”

Mackie: “It kills over 50.”

This rapid-fire exchange between the two class clowns on set had everyone laughing, including Evans who left-boob grabbed himself mid-laugh.


  1. Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t understand burpees
Photo credit: Cassandra Hsiao

Drake added that Team Iron Man called Team Cap “Team Burpie,” to which Olsen responded, “Team Burpee? We have digestion problems?” as the rest of the cast clarified what type of burpee they meant—the exercise, not the gas.


  1. Paul Rudd is basically the all of the Marvel Fandom
Photo credit: Cassandra Hsiao

“There was very little acting required for me,” said Rudd on Scott Lang as the fanboy in the movie. “They’ve all worked together and done this before. I’ve just seen the movies. To be there on the day—I couldn’t stop geeking out about it. ‘Oh my god, there’s the shield. And there’s that arm,’” Rudd pointed to Stan, miming touching the Winter Soldier’s metal arm, and added, “You weren’t looking.”

In a nutshell, it was an incredible experience for Rudd—and then, Mackie chimed in.

Mackie: “I was the only one you had worked with.”

Rudd: “So it was less impressive with Mackie. Minus Falcon.”


  1. One more superhero?
Photo courtesy Marvel

Already jam-packed with superheroes, Civil War is a giant balancing act that directors Joe and Anthony Russo were able to toy around with in regards to teams. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that Wasp was actually in the drafts to be in Civil War. However, they wanted her character to have her own storyline and unveiling in her solo movie titled, “Ant-Man and Wasp,” which hits theaters in 2018. Though it’s a while away, it’ll definitely be worth the wait.


  1. Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans on the legacy of Marvel
Photo courtesy Marvel
Photo credit: Cassandra Hsiao

Stan, who allegedly has a nine-movie contract with Marvel (three down, six to go), reflected on how “Back to the Future” impacted the world and compared it to the Captain America franchise.

“To me, they’re going to remember this trilogy the same way,” said Stan.

Evans felt similarly about the powers of Marvel—after all, Marvel has their future more perfectly charted out than most people, with more than 10 films to be released in the next four years.

“No one can try to copy [Marvel],” said Evans. “It’s really unbelievable to venture out into these uncharted waters and do it so well. It’s just really impressive.”


  1. Steve Rogers is “selfish,” thanks to Bucky
Photo credit: Cassandra Hsiao

We can all expect some major Bucky-Steve relationship developments from Civil War. Tony Stark’s famous line, “So was I,” broke the Internet—to many, it seems like the war is about relationships more than anything. And that is correct. Civil War will show a different side of Captain America—all in the name of friendship.

“He’s always put the needs of the masses before his own,” said Evans. “That’s what’s different about this film. Instead of dedicating himself towards what others need in this film, he prioritizes what he wants… He becomes potentially selfish. He puts his own desires first, but it’s rooted in family.”

Evans explained that the two worlds collide: his WWII years with Bucky and Steve, and his current life with the Avengers.

“It’s like when you had friends in high school and you’re trying to make them get along with friends from college,” said Evans.

And the main conflict? Definitely the Stucky feels.

“You got the most selfless guy in comic books all of a sudden saying, ‘I care a little more about my relationship than what it means to you guys,’” reflected Evans. “He’s looking for a home. And he found it with the current Avengers. But Bucky’s that Achilles’ heel. Steve’s a very binary guy. It’s this or that. And with Bucky it becomes grey. It’s tough for him. He chooses Bucky.”

The last lines of the conference perfectly sum up Captain America in Civil War:

“He’s ninety, he’s selfish, he just wants to get kissed, come on!” exclaimed Evans.

Find out who Captain America gets kissed by in theaters on May 6. Choose wisely. #TeamCap

I’ve made my choice. I’m #TeamCap all the way. Whose side are you on? (Photo courtesy Marvel)