Orange County School of the Arts

Student dancer and filmmaker Dylan Shepherd

Some people wake up, go to work, and go back to sleep repeating this cycle every day of their life. Dylan Shepherd, however, will wake up one day and dance with Ellen DeGeneres in a Grammy’s promo and the next day wake up and film a movie with his classmates. This double-sided career showcases his incredible talent as both a dancer and filmmaker as well as his fortitude for doing both at the same time.

Even as a young child dancing was in Shepherd’s veins.

“My parents would play any type of music and I would just dance around. Then they decided to put me in some dance classes and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s just the love of music and dance made me want to continue it,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd later joined a dance group called Brobots & Mandroids which made it into quarter finals on season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

“When I’m on stage I just turn on autopilot. I just let my mind and body takeover and I really have no sense what’s going which is why I love it though because when I’m on the stage the movement just flows through my body and it’s pretty amazing,” Shepherd said.

As Shepherd began to grow in popularity, he began to get auditions for roles in TV shows, commercials, and music videos. Shepherd has appeared in countless commercials each one giving him a new and unique experience.

“My favorite commercial would have to be the Grammys promo commercial when Ellen DeGeneres hosted. I got to dance with many amazing dancers and dance with Ellen,” Shepherd said.

Given his dancing background, it is surprising that Shepherd pursue film instead of dance at Orange County School of the Arts.

“I’ve always been in front of the camera with tv shows, commercials, and music videos so I was interested in what went on behind the camera. One of my good friends was also dancer and as he got older he got into film and he’s done amazing stuff, so my that also inspired me about to pursue film,” he said.

Shepherd’s most successful filming venture was in the creation of his film “Love Unexpected” which at the time of writing this article has over five million views on YouTube.

All of Shepherd’s experience has taught him many different skills but he value’s one above all others.

“As a dancer trying to work in the industry with a lot of other dancers with the same dream and goals becomes very competitive in a good way. It allowed me to really have ‘tough skin’ because there are scenarios that didn’t go so well for me and it was tough, but I learned you have to grow through your experiences no matter the instance bad or good,” Shepherd said. “For me that’s life in general there are good days and bad days, but it’s up to yourself how you’re going to handle it and lift yourself up from that point moving forward.”