Cover art for Feather by Evan Benner
Orange County School of the Arts

The Importance of Young Artists

It’s important to magnify today’s young artists because their voices are the ones who speak for the next generation. They know how to tell stories that relate to this new generation and have never been told before.


No one should be looked down upon because they “lack experience” because, in fact, they are writing about their experience. Of all people, they know how to tell the stories because they’re the ones living in it.

Self-published author Evan Benner is a prime example of a young writer who uses his voice to tell the stories from the present. His book “Feather” tells the story of how charismatic rock star Ethan Feather and protagonist Kevin Douglas discover more about themselves, life and the world through their experiences together in their newly developed friendship.

These experiences are read as fresh and intriguing. Benner’s voice reaches out to all kinds of people because his style is very personalized and while he draws from somewhat present events, it seems nostalgic in a way.

Drawing from his own life, “Feather” proves that a young artist can make an impact through storytelling. It’s not that Benner had to have known exactly how to capture a young readers attention, but known that truthfully using his own experiences could easily correlate with his reader’s life.

“I hope readers can use the second half of the book… to see that if there’s something wrong in the world, there’s something they can do about it,” Benner said.

More and more young artists are able to recognize their voices and even use their platforms so that they can inspire others to become much more involved with the worlds controversies, politics and more. Developing an opinion at a young age can lead to brighter minds that demand change early so that it can happen faster.

“I think young writers and artists in general offer fresh, new opinions and perspectives on complicated issues…. and they are the driving force in changing these problems,” Benner said.

The younger generation knows best about recent issues in the world because they grew up facing them head-on. As Benner said, these newer minds are ones that we should be raising up rather than shutting down because as they watch certain issues grow stronger, they develop a new perspective that can lead to an overall change. And young artists are able to express these perspectives so that they can communicate to the larger population.

Like Benner, more people should use their opinions, experiences, and ideas as a call to arms. Artists should not shy away from expressing themselves because of their age. With platforms like self-publication on Amazon or using social media, it’s much easier to let others hear your voice.

Purchase “Feather” by Evan Benner here.

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  • Reply Jayna Bosse January 26, 2018 at 10:10 am

    So real and relevant.. Great article, keep it up.


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