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Video: Interview with motivational speaker Nick Vujicic

Credit to OVSM

I had the opportunity to interview motivational speaker Nick Vujicic about his belief in God, the role of youth in high school ministry, and what he has learned from his parents and from being a parent.

The interview took place at Hrock Church in Pasadena at the 2016 One Voice Student Missions Gathering, an event that brought together high school students, speakers, and worship leaders for two days of God’s Word and worship.

“I really believe that it’s awesome to see young people come together first of all,” said Vujicic about the Gathering. “[They] drop barriers of differences down and come on the level of knowing the power of prayer–praying for our country, praying for our schools, praying for the students who don’t know Him. I really believe it’s Biblical where you send out many teams of people, many young people going out there and realizing you don’t need an adult to lead a bible study.”

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For more information, visit:
Nick Vujicic’s ministry: https://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org
One Voice Student Missions: http://onevoicestudentmissions.com

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