Orange County School of the Arts

Your real life Barbie

Fifteen-years-old and making monthly trips to New York to be featured in Vogue fashion shows. Weekend trips to model for Gucci, and early dismissal from school to model makeup for Pat McGrath. You can see her as you make your last minute trip to Sephora or window shopping at Nordstrom.

Meet Kenzie Spooner, your real life Barbie doll, filled with a bubbly personality and a weird side that people misinterpret. Standing at 5’11” walking down the halls of Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, students know she’s a model.

While students get intimidated by her resting face, they are shocked to see her demeanor change by the call of her name.

“People usually think that I am mean or intimidating at first and they don’t usually want to talk to me… I feel like once they talk to me they finally realize that I am just like them. Just a goofy weird happy human being,” Spooner said.

Spooner has known that modeling was her calling since she was around the age of 10. Understanding that social media was her way into the the competitive world, she admittedly said that she posted photos on Instagram making it seem as if she was stretching for dance! As dancers were the ones getting the jobs, sooner or later, she realized that just wasn’t for her.

Spooner came to the realization that the only way she could get far enough in modeling was to become comfortable with herself, and pursuing this career has done nothing but good for her mental demeanor.

“I always felt like an outcast in the sense that I was much taller than everyone else and was just so uncomfortable with my body. But with modeling it has shown me how my difference to everybody else made me special and able to do something at 15 that girls dream of their whole life,” Spooner said.

Following the mental stigma on modeling, Spooner breaks the trend of body shaming and lack of self-love, and looks on the positive side.

Infecting others with her happy life perspective, Spooner never fails to be eternally grateful of her opportunities. Spooner’s best friend Tea Karlsson reflects on her first impression of Spooner.

At first I thought she was a super nice girl and kinda quiet, but that’s totally changed. She’s way more outgoing and funnier than I thought she’d be,” Karlsson said.

Through starting her career at a young age Spooner shows her maturity by juggling all outlying events stable in her life. While keeping school, career, social, and theater productions all in one basket, Spooner keeps her goal in mind and doesn’t let anything distract her from her set out path. For her time in her work Spooner has taken away one life lesson that will never lose its notoriety.

“In the grand scheme of things people are people and they are going to talk about you so let them because as long as you are confident and believe in yourself and have a small solid group of super supportive people that’s all that matters,” Spooner said.