Orange Lutheran High School senior Maggie Lin, founder of a sustainable living Instagram account, likes to go hiking in mountains and rivers. To her, advocating a nature-friendly lifestyle is her mission in life and what she will continue to do after graduating from high school. (Image courtesy of Maggie Lin)
Orange Lutheran High School

Orange Lutheran senior Maggie Lin’s mission to lead a sustainable living trend

Maggie Lin, a senior from Orange Lutheran High School, is an active environmentalist. Her awareness to promote environmental protection is greatly influenced by her unique childhood experience in nature.

@This.Plastic.Nation Instagram (Image courtesy of Instagram)

“Ever since I was little, my mom would bring my sister and me up to hike on Yangmingshan in Taiwan, my sweet home country. We would picnic there and enjoy the breeze that brushed over our cheeks alongside the flutterings of butterflies beside us. It was beautiful. I think it was then that my emotional dependence of welfare on nature started forming,” Lin said.

Moving into the years when social media use became the predominant way of living, Lin’s sense of Global awareness has gradually increased.

“[I couldn’t believe] mankind in certain areas must suffer environmental pollution and health threats daily just so things can be carried from one point to another (plastic bags) or to drink smoothies (plastic straws), when there are perfectly sustainable alternatives like reusable tote bags and reusable bamboo/metal straws,” Lin said.

Thus, she has decided to say no to plastics.

“Being [an environmentalist] is an honor, but not a privilege. I am stoked to be one of the stewards that are explicitly battling against outdated sets of habits that value convenience above the lives of innocents that are dying off of littered water sources, overburdened landfills and ignored global warming science,” Lin said. “However, I am strongly for the fact that living from an environmentalist’s view could be everyone’s mission in life. Treating our surroundings tenderly with love, care, and respect is not limited to the elites with unimaginable wealth nor the hipsters. Living to the standards of eco-wellbeing is accessible for all. It is as simple as saying no to freebies from corporations that package them in plastics.”

Currently, Lin’s main focus on protecting the environment is her constant pursuit of living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“One of the biggest changes that I’ve gone through for the sake of Mother Nature over the past couple of months, starting since eight months ago in August 2018, was quitting my once-favorite Twix chocolate bars and chips, and growing significant awareness over my personal plastic consumption. Obviously, I knew that if I were to truly step into the side of rescuing our planet, I must start with myself and my daily routines.”

Maggie Lin, senior from Orange Lutheran High School started an Instagram account in efforts to promote sustainable living. (Photo courtesy of Maggie Lin)

Lin is determined to spread her words and encouragement to attract more people’s attention on living a plastic-free lifestyle.

“Another thing that I busied myself with was to promote sustainable living by managing an online curation of sustainable living trends via Instagram @This.Plastic.Nation. My founding mission for the account is to raise awareness of environmental protection in a very friendly and accessible way that attracts people of all sorts and backgrounds to join the cause. On This Plastic Nation’s account, I share tips and experience of how maintaining a green wardrobe is actually budget-friendly (most think it’s for rich people only, but that’s false) and trendy. I also repost from many other worth-sharing minds of factually-based news on topics like climate change, etc.”

With all these efforts, @This.Plastic.Nation has successfully gained followers and led many people to live a nature-friendly lifestyle.

“Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you are most likely going to join the community and be the generation that shatters our plastic-centered and convenience-focused ideals of This Plastic Nation,” Lin said.

Lin also has a blog at

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