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Bittersweet nostalgia: A playlist about someone I care about


You know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Of wiping sweaty palms on your pants before you go see that person. Of the first time you held hands. The first kiss. But you also remember the feelings of doubt and insecurity. At least I do.

Feelings are tricky things and hard to control. Sometimes they just become too much to handle and the thing that makes the most sense is to just try and get rid of them. However, ignoring your feelings is not always the best solution. Instead, when those emotions strike, the best thing to do is put on some tunes and have a long despondent listen. Here is a playlist for those times when you wish your feelings would stop for a little bit.

1. “Honey I Sure Miss You” by Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston’s mournful voice rings with sincerity in each word. His wistful tune hits home especially if your missing that special someone.

2. “I Was All Over Her” by Salvia Plath

Salvia Plath makes me think of hazy days and bedroom eyes. The dreamy quality of his music always calms me down.

3. “The Passion of Lovers” by Bauhaus

Bauhaus reminds me of The Smiths minus a pretentious lead singer. The song lyrics in this song sound more like a poem but make for a pretty great love ballad.

4. “I Love How You Love Me: by Neutral Milk Hotel

If this cover doesn’t make you tear up, you are a brick wall. Neutral Milk Hotel really know how to choose songs to cover. Guaranteed nostalgia after listening to this.

5. “Only You” by Makeout Videotape

Before there was Mac Demarco… there was Makeout Videotape. The early days of Mac are just as good as the current stuff so expect nothing less from this song.

6. “Can I Be Yr Deadbeat Boyfriend” Dads

I mean who doesn’t want a deadbeat boyfriend? Dads is the perfect way to be sad but have a good time so Dads is the perfect paradox.

7. “Nintendo 64” by Alex G

Alex G will forever be my dream boy and all-time favorite. I have written his lyrics on everything I own and can recite every word of this song. Listen to this song. It will change you.

8. “My I Love You” by Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos is an ethereal fairy creature who should be loved and respected. If your sad and emo over someone. lay down in a field of flowers and put on Frankie Cosmos.

9. “Someday I’ll Love Someone Enough to Love Myself” by Contron

Its tough to be able to care about someone when you have a low self-worth and can’t imagine anyone caring about you. Contron understands the struggle of accepting that someone likes you even if you don’t like yourself.

10. “Livin in a Memory” The Growlers

The Growlers are the definition of nostalgia. If the title of this song doesn’t tell you enough, this song embodies how people get trapped in the past and become unable to stop remembering a time that no longer exists.

Feelings are rough and cause unnecessary angst and sadness. But music is here to offer an escape for a little bit. Listen to these tunes when things get hard to deal with instead of trying to dump your feelings. It only hurts more. Trust me.