Photo courtesy of user mochi-studies
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How teens are blending social media with studying

Photo courtesy of user mochi-studies
Photo courtesy of user mochi-studies

The idea of spending more time on social media in an effort to raise grades and do better in school seems somewhat ironic. But doing so has proved fruitful and students from all around the world have been using Tumblr, a microblogging platform to improve their performance in school. How? Here’s a look inside the online world full of the learning and studying dedicated, known as “studyblr.”

Studyblr, a portmanteau of the words “study” and “Tumblr,” is an online community that has become increasingly popular among high school and college students. The community mainly focuses on motivating other individuals to study and helping others acquire an appetite for learning. While some users share studying and productivity tips, others post photos of their study setup at the local cafe or their meticulously organized notes.

The concept is simple: seeing one’s photos of immaculate notes and study efforts may provide enough inspiration and motivate another to adopt or develop their own effective study habits. Through this process, students from all across the globe have the ability to influence one another and perhaps even help each other earn higher grades.

A high school student who manages the blog Intellectus, who goes by “Grace,” decided to join the community to keep her motivation from waning throughout the notoriously important junior year.

“[Making a studyblr] seemed attractive to me [because it was] as an option that wouldn’t take me off my favorite social media and also had a community of people who actively encourage each other to better themselves through education,” Grace said.

In April, Grace created a studyblr survey in an effort to find out more about the community as a whole. Representing over 50 countries, the survey offered insight into answers for general questions such as what subjects students were studying, to more detailed questions like what study methods they found most effective. From the survey, 70% believed that studyblr was an accepting community and 72% found studyblr images to be motivational.

Yeh Seo, a high school freshman known as tbhstudying, found that becoming part of the studyblr community helped her improve her life overall.

“I think that I’m more productive and that I work harder in general now,” Seo said. “Of course, there are some off-days here and there, but overall, I think that having a studyblr helped me a lot with motivation and preventing procrastination.”

Although some users have used studyblr as a means for increased academic performance and productivity, some have found an unexpected amount of solace in the friendships that the users have formed with one another.

“I have met some really amazing people from all around the world,” Jessica from jessastudy said. “We message each other and talk about school, work and our social lives. It’s really great to have a support system that truly believes in you and motivates you.”

A handful of studyblrs have branched out to other social media platforms. User studyign is active on Tumblr as well as YouTube, where she regularly posts videos that would easily catch the attention of any student with titles like “Get a 5 on the AP Exam and How to Minimize Stress.”

It’s clear that the studyblr community is able to appeal to any student looking to improve their educational experience. For some, it gives an opportunity to balance the inevitable nature of academia with the leisure of social media. For the rest, it’s yet another way to spread their zeal for learning. With the ability to reach a wide range of students, it’s easy to say that the online community will continue to thrive.

“[Studyblr] is pretty big right now, but as blogs keep growing and the resources keep developing, I think there’s a good chance that people will continue to join the community,” Grace said.