The Arena in Orlando, Fla., features “Black Lives Matter” painted on the court. (Tania Ganguli / Los Angeles Times)
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Opinion: The one event that encompasses all of the 2020 highlights

The NBA bubble is quite unique in that it encompasses all of the 2020 highlights. In essence, it’s a social experiment that stemmed from the coronavirus pandemic with the added bonus to promote the Black Lives Matter Movement because of the financial deprivation that the NBA encountered after Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey expressed his support for Hong Kong in its struggles against China. 

To elaborate, after the NBA suffered a tough loss financially when China stopped airing their games and with the death of two quintessential people of the NBA — Kobe Bryant and former commissioner David Stern — the league had to find a way to continue the season otherwise they’d suffer “an estimated $1 billion in television revenue,” according to the New York Times

With basketball being a hard game to control since it is played indoors, at points very physical and requires being in close proximity, according to the New York Times, what seemed to be the only solution for the league was to have full management over the players. In other words, one place where all the athletes were forced to stay in until the season was over — a bubble — in Disneyworld. 

Of course, however, this ambitious idea didn’t come without some apprehension from the players. But with the opportune moment of the BLM movement, it seemed that resuming the season could lead to more attention toward the BLM message, according to the New York Times. Many NBA players became strong advocates for this. 

So with this erratic plan in action, the league has taken extensive measures to keep everyone safe.

“One unintended case of COVID-19 and the whole thing goes bad, like a cruise ship,” Dr. Charles Branas told NBC Sports.

However, over 40 days in and with the mandated 48-hour quarantine for players upon arrival, daily testing for everyone on the campus, no unauthorized physical contact with the outside world, daily records on the league-issued health app, there hasn’t been a single positive test, according to CBS Sports. Therefore, despite the hefty $180 million investment to resume the season, this social experiment seems to be a success so far. 

The NBA’s efforts in achieving what seemed to be the impossible demonstrates how as humans, we can adapt to any circumstances. So consider this a reminder to take advantage of any situation, pandemic or not.