Prairie City Monroe High School

Opinion: Students should review academic success before high school

Success is a big part of anyone’s life. Whether or not you want to go to a certain college or go into a certain career, any choice that is made is a big decision. It could make or break your future.

I started looking at college during middle school — 7th grade to be exact. It was definitely an experience. Should I have waited or started even sooner? Some say I should have waited so that I wouldn’t be stuck on one idea, which is a very viable option. Others think that I started at a good time for not being too late or too early. A lot of people think about college during their junior year or early senior year, is that too late to know what you actually want?

One study by Pennsylvania State University shows that 20 to 50 percent of students enter college as an undecided major. it’s good to keep your options open just in case you choose otherwise. It’s also good to look at college earlier on in middle school so you can work on your grades if they are not as good as you want or need them to be for the college you want.

A lot of students at my school have no clue what they want to do after high school, which isn’t a bad thing. It just means that they will have to make a decision quicker than a person that looked at life after high school in middle school. Which is the case for a lot of other schools.

The cons of focusing on college and success during middle school are maybe getting worked up because you don’t know what you want to do. Another con is that it comes with is uncertainty, uncertainty about if you’re going to be able to keep your grades up. When thinking about cons you could put every situation in as a con vice versa, you could put every con and make it a good thing and that’s what I chose to do. It comes with challenges and failure is to be expected, if you never fail you won’t know if you have reached success or not. Without failure than there is no success.

Some people might be overwhelmed about thinking about college when it’s not needed it just depends on the person and how they view the situation. If a person wants to focus on school and the “right now” then I think he/she should focus on what needs to be focused on.

With success comes stress, stress a high schoolers weakness. When stress sets in you start to panic but don’t worry this is normal. For every school there is a lot of stressed students including me, it’s just life. Forty-nine percent of students reported having a great deal of stress, according to The Atlantic. Like I said it’s just life and being enveloped with drama doesn’t help a lot.

Another advantage of looking at college is knowing what you want if you know what you want to do after high school than you are less stressed. For me I am not that stressed I know what I want to do after high school and it may be writing for the Los Angeles Times, but I have a lot of ambitions.

You definitely have to be upright in what you want to do to not be stressed about it. Even I sometimes get to thinking about the future and start to stress about it but I know it will be ok and I’ll be able to do what I want to do.

When we imagine the future, we may see flying cars or Artificial Intelligence or even going to Mars, but for a high school student, this could be very overwhelming just because of the fact that so many jobs are opening up in a lot of industries, including the technology industry.

Teens have a great future but we all have to know how to handle these situations from technology to farming to medicine, I feel like teens should look at success in middle school for the sole fact that we have a huge part in the future of this planet.
To wrap this all together we should all look forward to the future and should be grateful that we have a big part to play in what society turns into.