Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan Episode 201 - Food for the Soul. Pictured: Miles Wilson (Carl Anthony Payne), Yasmine Wilson (Mieko Hillman), Charlie (Hero Hunter), Rebecca (Celina Smith), Viola (Aloma Wright), and Young Dylan (Dylan Gilmer). Photographer: Fernando Decillis. Copyright 2021 Tyler Perry Studios
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Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan premieres its second season

Getting into the music industry is a challenge, but for a kid, it can be quite a rewarding endeavor.

“Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan” follows hip-hop mogul-in-training Dylan (Dylan Gilmer) as he continues his pursuit of stardom, while getting his family into hilarious hijinks along the way. Accompanying Dylan in his quest for music greatness are his uncle Myles (Carl Anthony Payne II), aunt Yasmine (Mieko Hillman), grandmother Viola (Aloma Lesley Wright), cousins Rebecca (Celina Smith) and Charlie (Hero Hunter) and Rebecca’s best friend Bethany (Jet Miller). 

In the season two premiere episode, Dylan gets ready to return to Chicago with his mother when a change in the plan causes him to question their relationship and prompts the Wilson family to help him through this latest crisis. I spoke to Gilmer about his thoughts on the second season. 

What is something new about this season that you’re excited about?

Something new that’ll be going on this season that I’m really excited about is the new characters and new settings on the show. That’s going to be really exciting and it’s something different for “Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan” in season two.

In what ways are you similar to your character?

We both have a passion for rapping. Rapping is our dream and we’re always there for our families. And he gets into the foolishness that I get into also.

What can viewers expect from the season in general?

Viewers can expect new characters and new settings. They can catch Young Dylan maturing and doing big things with record labels too.

What do you love most about the show?

What I love most about the show is that it’s really different because they have musical shows and stuff like that, but nobody has done one around rapping before. And it’s just really cool because aside from rapping he’s always getting into stuff. He’s also always there for his family, he goes to school and he’s just there to have fun. He’s in a new environment than what he was used to having moved in with his family, which also turned their lives upside down.

What do you hope fans take away from the new season?

I would hope that they take away to always be there for your family. If rapping is your dream or really anything… if acting, rapping, sports or whatever it is your dream is, just go for it like Dylan does. He has a passion for rapping and if you have a passion for anything you should go for it, work hard and never give up.

New episodes from Young Dylan season two airs every Saturday at 8:30 p.m. PST on Nickelodeon.