Reseda High School

Farewell Black Mamba…

Is it fair to say that a ball can rule a human’s life forever? Is it possible for a game to change your perspective on the world? The answer is yes.

Superstar Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers announced on Nov. 29 that he will retire at the end of the season. His 20-year career has had its ups and downs but ultimately the superstar has brought a substantial amount of success to the city of Los Angeles. Things like the “3-Peat” (2000-2002) followed by two more back-to-back championships in 2009 and 2010 gave the city nothing but pride, and will be remembered as a part of history forever. However, none of these accomplishments could have been done with out the love for basketball that Bryant has had since the day he was born. Retiring is always the most emotional part of a superstar’s career.

As the day of retirement gets closer, Bryant reflects more on his journey with a unique twist. Unlike most superstars, Bryant has decided to thank the game of basketball in a poem called “Dear Basketball,” to express the love he has grown for the game. The poem takes you from “shooting imaginary game wining shots” to understanding that his body has given him the signal to shut it down. It’s no secret that Bryant has given his soul, mind and body to the game, which is why the superstar will retire satisfied, just as his fan base will. The list of accomplishments that Bryant has brought upon the Lakers will be a milestone for the franchise.

Although you can be great at the game of basketball, it’s impossible to master the game as a whole. Bryant has earned his respect in the game. It will be a sad day around the world when the man that everyone has watched accomplish amazing things will finally leave the spotlight. Being a basketball player myself I understand the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to get better.

Bryant is a basketball player that brought everyone’s dreams alive. If you were ever having a bad day in the gym, watching Bryant will help you get back on your feet. Watching him play makes you want to just go outside and be just like him. It’s almost as if watching him makes you want to get better.

There are many superstars in the NBA today, but few can have as heavy as an impact as Kobe Bryant has had. His impact on the game is permanent. His impact on the game is so strong that the superstars today have idolized him. Kobe Bryant will mold the future of basketball players, as we know it.

–Daniel Mozo