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Opinion: Logan Paul Should be Banned From YouTube

Previously, HS Insider Noor Aldayeh covered “What Happened with Logan Paul and Why It’s Not Ok.” In that article, she went in-depth as to why Logan Paul’s actions were wrong and how his devaluation of suicide require reprimand.

Now, We The Unicorns, the self-designated home of YouTuber news has released a video showing Logan Paul disrespecting Japanese culture in his visit to Tokyo. Throughout this entire video, Paul mocks the idea of respecting a foreign culture.

His actions are disrespectful and should be discouraged in a fashion that shows the severity of his acts. Considering that his base consists of impressionable children, the consequences he must face should send the message to his base that disrespect of other cultures will not be tolerated.

All Americans must understand that they cannot and should not disrespect the people and cultures they come in contact with when visiting or touring abroad.

The response has been universal. His actions are despicable. There is a fine line between jokes and disrespect. Some people, however, will still view it as a joke and argue that this is just another example of how political correctness is degrading our society. On the other hand, if we continue to tolerate this behavior, it will only encourage it and there’s no faster catalyst for the decadence of a society than disrespect and mutual disdain for other cultures.

Below are just some of the Twitter comments condemning Mr. Paul’s actions:

What he did was very wrong but it also begs the question: Why has YouTube still done nothing?

The response has been universal, but YouTube is the sole exception. As one of their greatest cash cows, there could many plausible reasons as to why they haven’t acted. But, in my opinion, they need to ban Logan Paul.

This is the only consequence that will suffice. It sends a clear message to all YouTubers and all individuals who consume YouTube. On television, especially cable, there are many regulations on what can be shown, especially to children.

Considering his base, Logan Paul cannot continue to impress their minds this idea of disrespecting other cultures and mocking other people in the name of entertainment. I believe YouTube should start looking for ways to monitor their YouTube vloggers more carefully and holding them accountable for what they post.

This starts with the end of Logan Paul on YouTube.