(Photo Courtesy of Schoology)
Reseda High School

Opinion: The setback known as Schoology

This school year the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) fully launched its new Learning Management System (LMS), a system partnered with Schoology. It took less than a week to have teachers grumbling about the complicated system and it took one day for students to realize that they actually did not have access to it.

Students at Reseda struggled over finding out that they had LAUSD assigned email addresses. Questions such as, “Since when have we had LAUSD emails?” were very common.

Students abruptly found out that they had LAUSD email accounts (Photo Courtesy of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s website)

My personal encounter with getting this debacle showed me that LAUSD’s multi-step process for activating Schoology was sub par. It was not until the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, that most students were able to activate their accounts. With the lockdown at the school due to the eclipse, administrators took advantage of the time to get most students their Schoology accounts. One week later, I would say at least one out of every three students has already both forgotten and lost their LAUSD email account.

Many students who have lost access to their Schoology accounts will probably continue to not be able to check their grades throughout the school year. There isn’t exactly a Schoology hotline and many teachers have already expressed their frustration with getting students back on the system.

Schoology has created a broad coalition of critics at our school. Students have complained about the difficulty around memorizing their LAUSD email accounts while teachers have complained about the difficulty of navigating the LMS. Teachers no longer can create seating charts online, which led to brief anarchy in certain classes on the first week of school. It had also usurped some of the ways they taught their class.

While some teachers can no longer easily distribute online quizzes on the LMS, others do not know how to input extra credit. Training for teachers seem to be leaving them with more questions, and it seems that our educators find solace in the fact that we students are struggling too.

It appears that we’re all not “ready to learn” with Schoology and that it’ll take a while for all of us to become acclimated with the LMS.

The resource page has left a lot of students wondering, “What resources?” It’ll likely take an entire school to figure it out. (Image Courtesy of LAUSD’s Learning Management System)