PSAT Score Report (Provided by the CollegeBoard)
Reseda High School

PSAT Aftermath: What to do with your score

This past week, PSAT scores were released. For a select few of juniors, that test might have allowed them to qualify for National Merit Scholarships, but for the other juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, there are still several benefits to claim.

The most significant benefit is the data transfer between the CollegeBoard and Khan Academy. By linking your Khan Academy account to your CollegeBoard Account, your PSAT score can be uploaded to program an individualized SAT Practice schedule.

To do this, simply go to and add SAT practice. You can then log-in to your CollegeBoard account and send your PSAT score to Khan Academy for personalized SAT practice.


Another benefit of knowing your score is the insight the CollegeBoard gives you on your skills. A full assessment can be found on the Official PSAT/NMSQT Score Report. Furthermore, juniors should take this information and add it to their Brag Sheet and begin the process of consolidating their test scores for the upcoming year’s college application process. Having all this information in a single file (e.g. a brag sheet) allows for better organization and will be extremely helpful when filling out college applications in the future.

To begin a brag sheet, visit: