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Reflection: Anonymous message threatens U.S. and other countries

Los Angeles Times reporter Amro Hassan reported that the Islamic State released a video of potential attacks on other cities, which included Washington, the same way they did to Paris on Nov. 13 (Read the story). The attack in Paris injured over 120 people and claimed 60 lives, but I think by now the numbers for both are higher.

The terrorist will “attack America at its centre in Washington,” the video said. The terrorist also said they will attack every country in Europe and will not be able to stop them because they are “stronger than ever.” The attack changed many lives. It led the French government to fight back. On Dec. 6, the French warplanes struck the headquarters of the militant group in Raqqua, Syria. Following the attack on the French capital, Minister Laurent Fabius said that France does have the right to take action against the Islamic State.

“And I say to France, France that killed and destroyed millions of Muslims for decades, I say to them: The Muslims have awoken, and the mujahedin have stepped into your land,” said Fabius.

The Islamic State is vowing to attack again. They say they will come with explosive belts, silencers, booby traps, and explosives. The islamic terrorist claim to invade any country that supports France throughout their attack. So far the countries that have participated in the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State are Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

This article has given us information on the issues regarding the attack in Paris. This situation makes us question if the terrorist take over France, will this mean that the government is not powerful enough? Does this mean the terrorist can invade any country without hesitation? If so, what is the U.S plan to stop the terrorist from causing more trouble? Does France have a plan for these attacks or are they waiting for more destruction? So many questions but not enough answers. A handful of social media information on this topic is either the same or made up. I’m sure France has a plan to stop these terrorist, but will need the help from other countries.

Many countries seem to pray for France but not enough seem to help. So does that mean that many countries are afraid or they just don’t want to be involved? If that’s the case, will America be alone if the Islamic State decides to strike us? The point of these attacks is for the terrorists to avenge the people killed by other countries.

“The muslims have awoken and the mujahedin have stepped into your land,” said one terrorist according to the article.

What will happen to Paris and other countries when they’re attacked in the future? Will they survive the fight or will they lose? If America does get attacked, I think we will be prepared for whatever comes next with or without help. People are disappointed about what has happened, but this message is also a warning.

We should all be prepared for whatever comes our way.