(Photo Credit: Melanie Welsh) Teams from school districts all over the valley came to Reseda High School to compete their robots for the top prize
Reseda High School

VEX Victory in the Valley 2017

Reseda High School and the Reseda Regents Robotics Team was delighted this past weekend to host the 4th Annual Reseda High School’s VEX Victory in the Valley, a VEX In the Zone Tournament. The event was open to 40 middle and high school VEX teams.

Reseda Regents Robotics Team had been preparing for this event weeks in advance and their preparation showed in the competition. In the end, both team 20X and 20Z made it to finals, but both were eliminated in the final’s round.

During the competition there were two competition fields, a Skills Challenge field, and full practice field. At the practice field, up to four robotics team could practice their abilities and strategies, at a time, in an attempt to either showcase their progress or intimidate other teams. After the qualification rounds, the full practice field undertook a more serious tone.

Teams who felt confident enough that they made it to finals quickly began to take over the field and used their robots to “flex” in front of other teams. Robotic teams would send out scouts to look out for potential allies in finals.

During the final’s round, teams had to choose alliances to attempt to maximize the number of points they could get.

In the end, while Reseda Regents Robotics did not win, it was a great event to host, with many Robotic students commenting that this was one of the best robotics competition ever.