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What to get your parents for Christmas this year…

With Christmas coming up this Friday, many students haven’t gotten their parents gifts yet. To help those who that last sentence concerns, here is a list of items that would be great gifts—which I composed with the help of my parents.

What your dad wants for Christmas…

1) A subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. Since all men shave, this would be a great gift. You can order a monthly subscription ranging from $1 to $22 a month. New blades are sent every month.

2) iGrill Mini Meat Thermometer. If your dad likes to grill, this is the perfect gift. It monitors the meat’s temperature to tell you when your food is ready, by alerting your phone. (From $39, idevicesinc.com)

3) Viper SmartStart Remote Start. This product provides a way for you to turn on your car and warm it up, or cool it down, with your phone. It also allows you to lock or unlock your car, arm or disarm your car’s security system, open your trunk, and even find where it is in a parking lot—all with your iPhone. (Price varies, check Viper.com)

4) Sonos HiFi Wireless Speakers. These are WiFi connected speakers that work seamlessly around your house. You can control the music with your phone, computer, tablet, or other smart device. There are so many things you can do with this sound system, such as connecting your already in-place home speakers to the program. (Speakers start at $199 each, Connect—which allows you to connect your wired speakers—starts at $349)

5) Sports/Movie Tickets. Go take your dad to see his favorite sports team play, tickets usually start under $20 for nosebleed seats. Or if he’s not so big on sports, take him to a movie. You know, like Star Wars…

6) Tile. Dads losing keys is always a big problem, but that problem is solved with the Tile. It is a small square that attaches to a key ring and shows where your keys are on your phone. But wait! There’s more! If your dad loses his phone, he can press the tile and his phone will make a loud sound. (TheTileApp.com, $25)

What your mom wants for Christmas…

1) A snood. My mom told me to buy her something special, something “she wouldn’t normally buy herself,” and then suggested a furry snood. Which is, apparently, like a scarf. They come in all kinds of colors and styles. (Hollister Co, $12.49)

2) Jewelry. Along with the snood, you can buy your mom a matching bracelet, necklace, and/or earrings. “Be sure to go sparkly on this,” my mom advised. It’d make a great present—my mom seemed to love the idea take her word for it. (Prices vary)

3) Swarovski Figurines. These are small, crystal figurines. Although they can be expensive, there are similar products for less. They have many different styles and themes available, from Santa Claus to Hello Kitty . (From $35, Swarovski.com)

4) Professional pictures. Have a professional photographer, or a talented friend, take pictures of you and your siblings, or just you. Have it printed and buy a frame. This is a great present because it’s of what your mom loves most: you!

5) Tickets to a play or movie. Check online for plays around your area or ask her about it, subtly. Or maybe there’s a movie she’s been talking about that you could take her to see.

6) See’s Candies. If all else fails, there’s always See’s Candies or some other kind of candy your mom loves. What mother wouldn’t love some chocolate on Christmas morning?

Hopefully this list will help you with any Christmas shopping for your loved ones. Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas!

Originally published on my blog: The Edge of Ideas.

The thoughts and opinions represented in this article are strictly those of the writer and do not represent those of Rim of the World High School or School District.