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Artesia’s newest ice cream shop: Dandy Ice Cream

In Southern California, ice cream is not just a summer treat; rather, ice cream is a year-round dessert. But enjoying affordable, quality ice cream at a shop is nearly impossible.

Anyone can visit a chain ice cream store, such as Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone, but the quality is poor. On the other hand, “gourmet” ice cream, such as Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs, can be found in the freezer aisle of the grocery store. Unfortunately, by going this route, the experience of visiting a neighbor ice cheap shop is lost.

However in Artesia, Dandy Ice Cream has recently opened, perfecting the balance between outstanding quality and a community friendly location.

Courtesy: @dandyicecream via Instagram

Dandy Ice Cream takes great care in choosing the finest quality ingredients, starting their classic ice cream with organic dairy from Straus Family Creamery; the first 100% certified organic dairy in the United States. Straus Family Creamery is a family-owned and operated business from the Northern California coast that produces minimally processed dairy.

Also, Dandy Ice Cream makes the majority of their toppings in-house, including homemade marshmallow fluff for “Rocky Road,” homemade graham crackers for “Blueberry Basil Cheesecake,” and homemade valrhona chocolate flakes for “Valrhona Chocolate.”

A small batch of Rocky Road ice cream with housemade marshmallow fluff and almond brittle. (Courtesy: @dandyicecream via Instagram)

One notable flavor on Dandy Ice Cream’s menu is “Apple Cobbler,” which is seasonal. This flavor features a creamy vanilla ice cream base with spiced oats. Small apples pieces are folded in to create the quintessential fall frozen dessert.

Although Dandy Ice Cream features old-fashioned ice cream, they are welcoming to all dietary needs– vegan ice cream is also served. Currently on the vegan menu is “Coconut and Roasted Strawberries” and “Wine Pearing”– a sorbet with “pears poached in red wine and vanilla beans.”

Courtesy: @dandyicecream via Instagram

Next time you are heading down the 605 freeway, take exit 5B and continue down South Street to Dandy Ice Cream, where you will find ice cream that is fine and dandy.