Saint Joseph High School

Oh where, oh where are you, college letters?

All high school seniors know the feeling of pure happiness and relief when they turn in the last of their college applications. However, then comes the hardest part– waiting for college responses.

After turning in the applications, the anxiety of waiting begins to set in and time seems to go by like an iceberg. January goes by, February goes by, and finally March arrives. As soon as March 1 comes, students check their email every fifteen minutes and peek into their mailboxes as soon as they get home, hoping to see at least one sign of a response from at least one college.

As days go on, the anxiety grows worse as the waiting continues. Finally, halfway through March, a “ding” is heard from a cellphone. One glance can tell that an email has come from a college. Accepted! But, realization also sets in that this is not the top choice college.

Weeks pass by and college responses come via email and snail mail. Waitlist, accepted, denied, accepted, accepted, and denied. All these responses have come, all but that one college waited for, really wanted.

Two more weeks pass and it is finally April, and there is only one month left to commit to a college. A letter comes in the mail and it’s from the last college. Accepted! Finally, the response has arrived and it is the best news a high school senior could ever have wished for.

The anxiety has subsided and now comes the time to relish the memories of the past four years.