Saint Joseph High School

Poem: Blank stare

Silence is both deadly yet peaceful. Deadly enough for you to over think situations and drown in your emotions yet peaceful enough to clear your mind.

A perfect combination like the ying and yang sign or like the sun and moon, which contains a fine balance between turbulence and tranquility.  It becomes a nightmare however, when the darkness of the moon outshines the bright light of the sun and you can’t seem to find your way back. This becomes the case, for many young teenagers.

A great number of teenagers suffer in silence, slowly drifting into a darker surrounding where the sun’s rays can no longer reach them. Sometimes all they need is a person to talk to. This is where the importance of a friend or family member comes to play. They become the stars that show glimpses of white light in the dark.

Slowly, day after day, the stars will build a pathway to bring them into the warmth of the light. The universe will always contain the bad and good but with proper balance, life becomes easier.