Photo taken by Samantha Gomez.
Saint Joseph High School

St. Joseph High School’s Freshman Retreat 2k16

The Freshman Retreat, which took place on Oct. 26, 2016, was filled with several learning experiences to guide the freshmen on both their high school and personal journeys.

The students heard four different stories about real life challenges, did a special meditation, and played games all relating to the general theme of the retreat: Change. From those activities, they learned how to open up to those around them, forgive those who hurt them, overcome obstacles, and connect with God.

The ladies became aware of the true meaning of sisterhood as they developed a sense of trust within new friendships and played games involving the use of teamwork. Each and every woman in the retreat was able to collect some insight into others’ struggles, which enabled to share stories, laughs, and some tears that created bonds that will last forever.

The sisters also learned about the school motto, “Love, Hope, and Zeal,” and how they are to carry on that motto, not only at Saint Joseph, but for the rest of their lives.

A small prayer service took place as well, which served as a reminder to strengthen their faith in God as they venture into new places.

Overall, the freshmen were able to establish new relationships and create long-lasting bonds with their new-found sisters.