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My message: Control the growing population size

Dear future president,

Do you know how many people live on this planet? As I write this, the current population is 7,449,791,931 humans. And every day, this number climbs by 220,000.

With every person born into the world, there comes another mouth to feed, another river of water to use up, another car wasting fossil fuels that don’t come back. We build another house with limited resources, pay for more student debt, stretch our medical resources even thinner. Population is the cornerstone of may of the world problems.

I live in a quintessential beach town, where verdant lawns grow and the temperature is 75 degrees most days of the year. In reality, these things don’t mix. It’s a man-made oasis that should be dry desert. We pump water in and drain California’s resources like we are going to wake up one day and see them all returned. As the population grows, the water supply dwindles. This exploitation of resources now means grave danger for our posterity.

So future president, please take mandatory restrictive action now in regards to the population and overuse of resources so we don’t pay the pied piper in the future.


Mary Ford

San Dieguito Academy

Encinitas, Calif.

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