San Dieguito Academy

My message: Let me have the same opportunities as men

Dear future president,

Quickly approaching college, I am always asked, “What do you want your major to be?”

Sure of myself, I say that I want to major in chemistry; however, others question my decision, saying that it is odd for a woman to pursue this career. Personally, I do not want anyone to tell me that it is “impossible” for me to accomplish something.

As our president, I want you to assure us that all women can pursue any professional field they want. In the field of science, many women do not feel empowered enough to join because others describe science, and chemistry specifically, as “dangerous” and “too technical” for women to do. I believe you can break this stereotype of what women can and can’t do by letting women pursue any career without bias.

Please stop letting this problem have a negative impact on the lives of women. I want women to have the same opportunities as men.


Jenna Weinhofer

San Dieguito Academy

Carlsbad, Calif.