Photo by Patrick Hall.
San Dieguito Academy

Unsung Heroes: Kalani Crosby brings personality to San Dieguito Academy

San Dieguito Academy Learning Commons Technician Kalani Crosby has been all over the San Dieguito High School District. She started off as a campus supervisor and instructional aide at Oak Crest Middle School in 2001 and later continued on to La Costa Canyon High School where she worked temporarily as a health technician. She then worked attendance at Carmel Valley Middle School, before coming to San Dieguito two years ago.

“I love [all of the jobs I have worked] and I love that everything I’ve done has touched on a different side of student life,” Crosby said.

Crosby enjoys adding her own touch to San Dieguito’s school library, where she currently works. Each morning, she turns on music and displays a PowerPoint to inform students about school events and to motivate them.

“The PowerPoint is kind of my little brain child,” Crosby said. “I thought it’d be something fun to have in our space. It’s a combination of announcements, funny little pick-me-ups, silly things like Trivia Crack and just anything to get anybody’s attention.”

Most of the slides are made of things she comes across on Google or social media; however, she sometimes receives suggestions from students. Crosby spends half an hour on most days for smaller updates to the PowerPoint, but occasionally will spend about an hour when the Trivia Crack slides need changing and there is more to add, she said.

“I try to make [the PowerPoint] something that’s going to appeal to the kids so I always want to do funny little motivational things,” Crosby said. “It’s a nice way to get information out without it being so boring and monotonous sometimes.”

Crosby also enjoys the level of interaction with students her role brings.

“It’s unique that I come across every single student on campus, whereas teachers only get three classes of however many fit in the room,” she said.

Crosby is often visited by students who enjoy sitting with her and having conversations.

“It’s always heartwarming the fact that [students] are okay with coming to an adult and just hanging out and talking,” Crosby said. “That’s really fun and that’s a really good quality.”

Through the conversations she has shared with students, Crosby has had the opportunity to see school from two perspectives.

“I get to be the adult perspective where I get to see everything and I also get the kids’ side where they’re able to talk and get it out and feel comfortable and good.”

As a Learning Commons technician, Crosby prints student ID cards, does book orders and assists teachers and substitutes with a large variety of technology issues including problems with projectors, printers and Chromebooks. Sometimes she comes across unusual technology issues during the school day.

“A lot of times I’ll get Chromebooks and it’s like ‘Okay, how did this happen?’” Crosby said. “Lately it’s been that people are turning the language [of some computers] into Japanese. I have to send it to the guys [in the technology department] to fix it and they have to completely wipe out the computer and reload it.”

A large part of what Crosby enjoys about working in the library is watching the students come together.

“It was actually kind of cool to see parents and their kids when we did awards last year. [I also like it] when Dr. Jones [assistant principal] has her internship presentations and you see what kids do outside of school and they’re presenting to their coworkers and parents and friends,” Crosby said. “They are cool things I get to see.”