San Dimas High School

Moving Forward: Seniors’ advice to freshmen

This past week I’ve been talking to San Dimas High School’s graduating class, asking their advice to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on the next years of high school. Below you will find the name of the senior as well as the college they are headed to in the fall.

Katy, UC Fullerton

School’s important, but in reality, it’s not the most important thing. Do something that is actually away from school so you can see what else is out there. Realize that plans change, and accept that. One day you may have your entire future planned out, but the next you may want to do some thing entirely different, and that’s okay. Do some thing that scares you – not in the way that it’s terrifying, but in the sense that it’s a risk, it may lead to something great. Don’t invest yourself in other people, invest in yourself – you’re always going to be there, other people may not be.

Alex, UC Riverside

Do not be scared to try new things because once you learn to take risks, you get to know yourself better. You learn your likes and dislikes. Know that any moment can change your perspective and life. Always try to have a plan for the future because high school can pass by in the blink of an eye.

Irene, Cal Poly

Do not take high school too seriously. Do your best and make memories.

Michelle Ravel, UC Davis

Don’t listen to Irene. Take high school seriously. Still make memories though! And friends. Those are important.

Monica Pignotti, Mt. San Antonio College

Do your best in everything you do, however don’t let yourself become overwhelmed; relax and enjoy the friends and all the wonderful memories waiting to be made.

As a small note from the author of this post, I would like to thank anyone who helped to contribute to this article and offer my sincere congratulations. Class of 2015, you did it!