San Dimas High School

Quick read: New year, new me?

We have all heard those four words; New year, new me. We have a metaphorical new start every Jan. 1, but are we actually new people? Some may try to reinvent themselves in order to make changes in their lives that they think could bring them satisfaction where they were otherwise lacking. But there are some that think that simply because a number on a calendar changed, it doesn’t mean they should too.

When looking for who to talk to about this phenomenon I had to look no further than my friend circle. Alex Adams is a senior at San Dimas High School and when asked about her opinion of “New year, new me”, she seemed sort of indifferent which was refreshing to me. She spoke about it being good for some to have a reason to make changes in their lives, and that the new year is something that motivates some people. Some find it therapeutic to make resolutions, they tell others about their goals in order to make them more accountable to the things they say they want to accomplish. On the flip side, there is also nothing wrong with staying the same and letting the first week of January pass by without so much as the blink of an eye.

Whether or not you agree with how others handle the new year, there is nothing wrong with hoping that you accomplish something in the following twelve months. Goals are good for everyone, so if it’s that you like setting extreme challenges for yourself or you just simply don’t want to see yourself fail, look at the upcoming year with positivity. You never know what could be waiting ahead.