San Dimas High School

Column: My Spring Break shenanigans

Spring break has just come and gone for San Dimas High students. A week to rest and recuperate for some, and maybe some fun adventures for others. Only one thing is for certain; students love spring break.

It is talked about endlessly before the week arrives. Students are busy planning out exactly what they will be doing for the week away. Some students like myself decided to take a well deserved trip out of town and spend the week away. I decided my destination should be Vegas. Seeing that I am only 16 it was not the best place to occupy my time. Seeing that almost everywhere in Sin City requires you to be 21.

Circus Circus was my hotel of choice and there is where I spent a good portion of my stay. However I did go out to see some of the famous shows that Vegas has to offer. Such as Blue Man Group and MJ Live,  a fantastic impersonator of Michael Jackson. Overall it was a good trip, I was able to relax while having fun with my family.

Other students around campus had different ideas. One student reported that she spent almost the entire week catching up on sleep, I suppose it was well needed. Many students chose to take their time away from school and use it for rest and relaxation. Sleeping until noon and spending countless hours on the internet was a common theme when asking students what they occupied their time with. Not everyone likes a grand adventure, and as someone who would usually prefer to stay inside and on my laptop I can relate.

Spring Break is a cherished time that is valued by all high school students alike. Whether you enjoy going out to see what the world has to offer, or you simply like to spend some good old time with your laptop, Spring Break is loved by all.