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How teens have reacted to Coronavirus

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Gen Z has continued to deflect the levity of the situation with humor — something teenagers of today’s society have wielded in the face of threats to a comfortable and safe life.

Making fun of news has always served as a coping mechanism for the all-too-seriousness of the real world. After all, joking about things that actually scare us transform fear into a sense of superiority, thus putting us on a pedestal. But this time, it’s all becoming painfully real. Even though all the funny memes that we’re putting out there, uneasiness still lingers.

To start, schools have closed.

Yeah sure, we’re happy that we don’t have to stress over homework and tests, and yeah sure, it’s amazing how we can sleep in every day now. But you can’t doubt that no matter how much you hate schoolwork or whatever time you wake up, not going to school has changed our lives.

Not seeing the friends that you once saw every day, along with the looming possibility of having to retake a school year are just two out of the many discomforting ideas that come with canceled school.

Going off of this, social distancing has also made it so that teenagers, who thrive on social interaction, are forced to quarantine. As we all know, teenagers don’t always get along perfectly with their parents, engendering more isolation and rebellion within them. Instead, they use their phones as an — turning back to a world of social media that distracts them from having to face any other problems.

Although a life of rotating different social media platforms doesn’t sound all too bad right now, think about weeks of this dull, monotonous process while lying down on the couch, quarantined inside.

So maybe the dream life of staying home every day with no homework isn’t turning out to be as awesome as we hoped. But all I know is that as long as we keep our heads up and look forward to the future, we’ll be fine. And hey, maybe you can pick up a hobby or start something new during this massive amount of free time you have.