Art by Monyee Chau (Instagram: @monyeeart)
San Marino High School

Opinion: Asian Americans should be more supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement

In light of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many other Black individuals’ deaths incited by police brutality, thousands across the nation have gathered to show their support, whether it be donating, participating in Black Lives Matter protests or spreading information on social media. The most important and effective form of instilling change within the systemic racism in the U.S. is educating others who may not understand the effects of their privilege on black lives.

For many Asian-American teenagers such as myself, this crucial stepping stone on the pathway to change begins right at home. After confronting my peers about their stance on the situation, I’ve realized that there is an inherent nature within Asian immigrant parents to be anti-black, or be selectively anti-racist.

As the model minority, Asians have always benefitted off of white supremacy and have the privilege of turning a blind eye from racism towards the black community. I’ve noticed that they always use the argument that no one supported us when Trump placed a bright red target on our back when referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus.”

Yes, that was a blatantly racist comment that made many have a negative perception towards Chinese people, but now is not the time to start a competition on who is more oppressed. The Black Lives Matter movement is not purposely undermining our parents’ struggles as Asian immigrants and doesn’t mean that their lives don’t matter too, but right now, we need to support black people.

It is our job as an educated and forward-thinking generation to encourage loved ones who may be wrongly misled to stand together as a united front against any form of discrimination. It might be difficult to start that conversation, but it’s a talk that will contribute to immense positive change across the world.

So call out your family members on their subtle racism. Sign petitions, make phone calls, donate to charities, vote and inform.