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Opinion: Why Democrats need January 6 to stick around

Insurrectionists attempt to force their way through a police barricade in front of the U.S. Capitol. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)

We’ve remembered it like it was yesterday.

The neckbeards clad in their hoodies, red hats, and shaman horns as they lumber through the halls of congress.

And of course, the flags. Ah, the many flags with their intricate designs and colorful banners, and messages to share their gems of wisdom.

All this to keep America Great.

Well, in all fairness, the reason why January 6 was yesterday in our minds was that it’s all that is reported.

Five months ago, on January 6, the United States witnessed one of the most severe attacks on its democracy as Pro-Trump demonstrators had made their breach into the US Capitol Building. It was an attack so serious that, according to a Washington Post timeline, the demonstrators were removed within three hours.

A disruption that uprooted the democratic process only for the Senate to resume its sessions and certify the nomination of then-president elect Biden.

Now, none of this is to downplay the seriousness of the January 6 siege and there are still some serious questions left unanswered.

What slowed the law enforcement response? Did law enforcement let the demonstrators breach the building? Was the police response too brutal?

Not to mention the zip ties and plastic explosives found at the scene. While the seriousness of the situation, as inflated as it is, should not be taken lightly, what has also been revealed is how resilient our Government system is.

Last week, a bi-partisan January 6 Commission Bill had been blocked by Senate Republicans. Of course, this was reported as a gut-punching blow to democracy, but what was the reasoning of why Republicans were so vehemently opposed to this investigation? More importantly, what do Democrats seek to achieve with this investigation?

An investigation to resolve any unanswered questions is clearly not the intention. In fact, Democrats had the chance to investigate this incident during President Trump’s impeachment trial, and yet, the vote was rushed through.

No investigation had been done because answering unsolved questions was never the goal. So now that an investigation is being done now, the fact that Democrats had passed up the chance to investigate before highlights that it serves no probative purpose.

The unspoken function of this investigation serves to misdirect public attention. Already looking to 2022, a referendum on the Democratic Party does not bode well in the upcoming midterm elections. Consumer prices had jumped by 4.2% in the past year since April with 2.6% from the months of March and April.

Meanwhile, the United States faces a border crisis that remains unresolved. Additionally, redistricting alone, away from Democratic-dominated states could cost Pelosi the House.

What is rather concerning for the Democrats is the lack of any new support.

When Joe Biden entered office with 52% of the vote, his approval ratings had remained rather steady ever since. With the exception of President Trump, US presidents tend to enter with heavily favorable approval ratings, especially during times of polarization.

Additionally, respondents of self-reported polls particularly would claim they supported the winner whether or not it was true. Logically, this factor should inflate Biden’s number and yet he had failed to gain in popularity. The fact that Biden, despite coming out of a polarizing era, and unable to gain any support indicates there is almost no room to grow and plenty to fall.

Additionally, polling showed that on a 2:1 ratio, Americans wanted Biden to compromise with Republicans in passing further legislation, according to ABC News.

All of this indicates that Biden is not a popular president since, despite the several factors that should inflate his approval, he has failed to gain any new support. For Democrats, in a referendum on their policy, they will not see a good outcome in the coming midterms.

Perhaps there are some good-hearted Democrats and even Republicans who truly wanted to answer some questions regarding the January 6 capital demonstrations. But it is also true that the vast amount of lawmakers advocating for a January 6 Commission Bill intend to utilize the crisis and keep it in the news cycle as long as possible.

As said, you should never let a good crisis go to waste.

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