Photo Source: NBC
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The Golden Globes wasn’t your typical awards show

The color wheel has come full circle. Black is the new black!

At least, that’s what you might think from the photos of Sunday’s stars at the Golden Globes.

Time’s Up is the initiative to fight against sexual harassment in response to the #MeToo movement and the reason why it was blackout time for the Golden Globes. Men and women alike added another layer of depth to the red carpet by flaunting their black dresses and tuxedos to stand in solidarity with victims of rape and abuse.

“Big Little Lies” actress Nicole Kidman dedicated a portion of her acceptance speech for “Best Actress in a Limited Series” to highlight the theme of marital violence in her portrayal as Celeste.

Can it finally end the endemic of “he said, she said” cases, prompt a different perception and response of “the predator and prey” that actually delivers justice, give those who have inhumanely endured fraudulent sexual acts the courage to step out of their home with a peace of mind that was prematurely taken away from them? Maybe.

But the Golden Globes offered a challenge. For you and me.

Hollywood is often viewed as “out of touch” (don’t take my word for it, take Viola Davis’), and there’s no denying the prestigious stature actors and actresses become associated with. The theater is seen as a place of admiration and escape to escape the mundanity of the 9 to 5 workplace, rising above the monotony of routine or suburbia.

So if and when, as in Sunday, these heaven-sent people sacrifice their precious time and devote themselves to an issue that warrants and has not gained enough attention considering its unfortunately long history, you can also spare a minute to brighten the spotlight on the corruption of sexual misconduct too. And so can I.

When the red carpet became the color of the night sky this year at the Golden Globes, it wasn’t merely redefining the function of a previously-frivolous red carpet. It was a command.

Everything, even the clothes on your back, have a meaning. Make it mean something worthwhile.