Santa Monica High School

My message: Climate change matters

Dear future president,

During Al Gore’s time in office, he introduced the idea of climate change and how humans release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere creating a worsening effect called global warming. Since his mentioning of climate change, little has been done to work toward fixing our carbon footprint, which is the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere per capita.

During the presidential campaign, there has been brief talk of finding new, sustainable ways to reduce our ecological footprint, which is the amount of land and resources used per capita. Due to the lack of solutions being implemented, I would like to see efforts being made toward reducing our intake of non-renewable resources and our carbon footprints. In times of high demand, we often consume more at unsustainable rates, but I would like to see that reduced at a safe and sustainable rate.


Katie Osaki

Santa Monica High School

Santa Monica, Calif.