G-Eazy at FivePoint Ampitheatre on July 31, 2018 (Photo by Ashley Ramynke).
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Concert Review: Rapper G-Eazy brings Bay Area vibes to the O.C. on the Endless Summer Tour

Looking like the Dark Knight stepping onstage in a silky black ensemble with smoke flooding the stage, Bay Area rapper and Endless Summer Tour co-headliner G-Eazy created a provocative live show centralizing on sex, drugs and hip hop, spanning 33 U.S. cities from late July to early September.

The tour featured co-headliners G-Eazy and Lil Uzi Vert, and supporting acts Ty Dolla $ign, YBN Nahmir, Murda Beatz, and P-Lo. The extensive number of artists and their variance in genre and live performance tactics transcended a simple tour and created a festival-like atmosphere at outdoor venue FivePoint Ampitheatre in Irvine, Calif. on July 31.

Ty Doll $ign at FivePoint Ampitheatre on July 31, 2018 (Photo by Ashley Ramynke).

Not touring to promote an album release, the rapper instead compiled a setlist of his chart-topping singles, fellow songs of his four studio albums, and songs by guest performers, including YG, Marc E. Bassy, P-Lo, Blac Youngsta, and Tyga. Performing a mix of new releases and classics that have defined him as one of the hottest rappers in the game.

Paying homage to fellow rapper Post Malone, who released his second studio album “beerbongs & bentleys” this past spring, G-Eazy covered Malone’s “Same B*tches” before bringing out “King of L.A.” YG to perform his summer hit “Big Bank.”

Shifting from high energy and intensity to a sensual vibe, G-Eazy stood centerstage taking a sip from a sleek black bottle of Stillhouse Black Bourbon as the sweet tune of Charlie Puth’s opening chorus to “Sober” swept through the crowd.

Continuing with this sensual vibe, the rapper scoured the audience looking for, “the girl that feels the most beautiful in all of the O.C.” Dedicating song “No Less” to Monica, a fan in the front row who he met at the pre-show meet and greet and has seen him perform over twenty times.

G-Eazy at FivePoint Ampitheatre on July 31, 2018 (Photo by Ashley Ramynke).

Marc E. Bassy then entered the stage as projections of a desolate hotel screen created the backdrop for “Some Kind of Drug.” As the song dwindled and G-Eazy and Bassy exited the stage, the rain, thunder and lightning seen on the top screen intensified to mark the conclusion of the first half of the performance.

Reappearing in a Ford Mustang wearing a basic white t-shirt and black loose fitting overalls, the hype and commotion lost in a flood of dark, sensual songs was brought back with “The Beautiful & Damned.” Increasing the bass to be felt around the venue, G-Eazy with no shortage of guest performers brought out supporting act and fellow Bay Area-native P-Lo.

Representing the Bay Area, the two performed “Power” off his 2018 EP “The Vault” and “Calm Down” off his 2015 studio album “When It’s Dark Out.” Changing lyric, “And f**k it I’m the coldest white rapper in the game/Since the one with the bleached hair,” to, “Wait I’ve got the bleached hair,” originally referencing Eminem and updated to feature his new bleached hair.

From the Bay Area to the club, G-Eazy replaced P-Lo with six dancers fitted in black lingerie and next guest performer: Blac Youngsta. The two recently collaborated on single “Drop” and released a music video in support of the single, in which both the live performance and music video featured dancers twerking around the artists to emit an erotic, club-like vibe.

G-Eazy at FivePoint Ampitheatre on July 31, 2018 (Photo by Ashley Ramynke).

Immediately following Blac Youngsta, G-Eazy brought out his final guest performer, “Rack City” rapper Tyga, to perform his chart-topping summer single “Taste.” Ending the seemingly endless stream of guest performers, G-Eazy now alone commanded the stage and turned the dial back to 2014 with “Lotta That” off his major-label debut album “These Things Happen” and to 2015 with single “Forbes.”

Creating suspense for the encore, G-Eazy in typical rock and roll fashion exited the stage for a mere moment before bursting into “Him & I.” Though one of his most popular songs to date, there was uncertainty he would perform this song as it was co-written and recorded by G-Eazy and Halsey in collaboration with fellow songwriters and industry elites, but at the time of the tour the couple was speculated to have broken up. Later into the tour they continued with their relationship and Halsey would frequently surprise audiences by performing the single alongside G-Eazy.

Ending the O.C. performance of the Endless Summer Tour, G-Eazy finished his setlist of twenty-nine songs with the chart-dominating song “No Limit.” The audience in the palm of his hand, G-Eazy surrendered to the beat jumping around the stage as a series of pyrotechnics exploded around him. A seemingly movie-like ending for a show over-dominated by guest performers, but still on-brand for G-Eazy as he shook the quiet, suburban city of Irvine, Calif.


  1. Pray for Me
  2. Legend
  3. The Plan
  4. But A Dream
  5. I Mean It
  6. 1942
  7. Random
  8. You Got Me
  9. Same B*tches (Post Malone Cover)
  10. Big Bank (YG)
  11. Sober
  12. No Less
  13. Some Kind of Drug (ft. Marc E. Bassy)
  14. The Beautiful & Damned
  15. Gotdamn
  16. Power (ft. P-Lo)
  17. Calm Down (ft. P-Lo)
  18. Put Me on Somethin’ (P-Lo)
  19. Drop (ft. Blac Youngsta)
  20. Hip Hopper (Blac Youngsta)
  21. Booty (Blac Youngsta)
  22. Taste (Tyga)
  23. That’s A Lot
  24. Lotta That
  25. Forbes
  26. Say Less (Dillon Francis cover)
  27. Him & I
  28. Me, Myself & I
  29. No Limit