School of History and Dramatic Arts

Poem: Life happens

She looked. He noticed. She ignored. He noticed. She approached. He
listened. She recoiled. He waited. She left. He watched.
She texted. He responded . She texted. He texted. She texted. He
texted. She loved. He rebuffed. She cried. He ignored. She begged. He
forgot. She moved.

They grew up. He called. She answered. He talked. She talked. He
talked. She talked. Blah blah blah. He loved. She hated. He asked. She
ignored. He left.

She texted. He went. She cried, sobbed, hurt. He yelled. She yelled.
He hit. She hid, waited. He left. She relaxed.
She married, beared, widowed. He called. She ignored. He called,
called, called. She threatened. He stopped.

She drank. He sat. She noticed. He talked. She panicked. He
apologized. She rejected. He smoked. She smoked. He hated. She hated.
He explained, pleaded, begged. She cried, finished, refused. He stood.
She stayed. He left.

She loved. He loved. She moved, remarried, died. He visited. He wept. He died.

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  • Reply Levine May 9, 2016 at 10:17 am

    I like this


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