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Zeus and Prometheus: Modernized myth

So for my theatre class final, my group was asked to choose a famous Greek Myth and write a small skit/play that was over three pages; I also had to modernize it. We chose Zeus and Prometheus; Prometheus creates man with Epimetheus and gives humans fire.

We preformed well for not a lot of practice and did a good job with the best we had at the moment. To prevent any confusion, Zeus is a woman in this modernized woman.

My group consisted of Henri Hernandez, Jesus Almada, Luis Macedonio and Nikki Glysson (me). I would like to acknowledge Macedonio for adding the extra insight to scenes two- six.

Please enjoy Zeus and Prometheus:


Scene 1

Zeus is writing in her diary while her students are at lunch.


Every day I can never forget it. I was just a kid. I’m 23-years-old and I still can never forget it. I would be terrified to come home always wondering if my dad would be passed out on the kitchen floor, breath smelling of vodka mixed with codeine- his favorite drink. I would always wonder if he would hit me or when my mom was ever going to come back…

The bell rings and the students file in. Prometheus and his friends joke around teasing the new kid.


You smell so bad. Are you like homeless or something?

(Prometheus laughs)


Alright settle down and get to work. Prometheus I would like a word with you after school.

(Prometheus’ friends catcall him)

Scene 2

Prometheus waits outside Zeus’ door after school. He realizes that the door is unlocked and he goes in. He snoops around and comes across the diary. He picks it up and starts to read.


Every day I can never forget… What is this? Hmmm. Could this be her diary?

(He laughs)

When my mom was ever going to come-.

The door rattles. Prometheus panics and grabs the diary hiding underneath the desk. Zeus walks in.


Prometheus? Prometheus! Where is that stupid boy?

She walks over to the desk and Prometheus holds his breath.


She walks out of the classroom and closes the door behind her.



Whew! That was close. I gotta get out of here.

Prometheus exits.

Scene 3

Prometheus is with the editor now discussing the publication of the manuscript he printed of the diary.


You know I can’t do that man.


But it’s a good story. Give it a chance. Besides you owe me.

EDITOR Alright, fine. But I need to go and print copies of it.

Editor takes the manuscript and exits.

Scene 4

BOY #1

Woah did you hear about this?

BOY #2 Yeah heard she got hit… Do you wanna mess with her?

BOY #1 That’s messed up… But that’s my kinda fun.

They sneak into her classroom


Hello boys how are you today?

BOY #1

We are good… We heard something so interesting in the newspaper today that our buddy Prometheus published yesterday.


Oh and what was that?

BOY #1

I would be terrified to come home always wondering if my dad would be passed out on the kitch-.


Hey where’d you get that?!

She tries to grab it but Boy #1 dodges and gives it to Boy #2

BOY #2

-en floor breath smelling of vodka mixed with codeine-.

Zeus grabs it and rips it up.


Get out!

BOY #1

Oh miss we weren’t trying to upset you. We were just having fun.


Get out before I call the principal. Get out of here.

The boys run out.

Scene 5

It is the next day. the students file in and she stops Prometheus to talk to him.


Where were you yesterday after school? I said I would have like to have a word with you about teasing the new kid.


I was out for a doctor’s appointment.


Where’s your note?


I don’t have it.


Where were you yesterday?


I was there.


Alright. You may sit down. Alright class life lesson #1: It is illegal to publish something under someone’s name without their permission. It could result in legal consequences.


Prometheus hides his face and then a police officer walks in.

Scene 6

The class is dead silent when the police officer walks in, holding the school newspaper and Prometheus looks up seeing the story.


I have reason to believe that there has been a crime committed at this school. This article about a teacher was published without his or her consent. I’ve been going around asking who did it. If you admit to the crime then I will lessen the punishment.

The students look at each other and Prometheus has a scared look on his face. Zeus looks at Prometheus.


Prometheus? Did you do it?


No I didn’t.


How old am I?




You did it.


What? Why are you accusing me? I could have read it.


I know you did it. Your buddies told me yesterday. Just admit it.


I didn’t do it.

Police officer arrests Prometheus.


I didn’t do it I swear.


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the rights to an attorney…


His voice fades and they exit.


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