Servite High School

Helping brothers one dollar at a time

It’s expensive to run a private school. Without any financial support from federal or state governments, private schools must pay teachers, purchase supplies, maintain facilities and feed students on their own. Tuition covers most of the cost but keeping expenses down will always make a private school stronger and more viable.

At Servite, over 300 student interns report for duty at various job sites on campus. They are trained by other student leaders and adult supervisors to sell merchandise in the student store, to prepare food in the cafeteria, or to upkeep facilities.

All of these jobs present many different leadership opportunities for students who wish to achieve more during high school. One of these opportunities is Trinity Corporation. Trinity Corporation is a student-run leadership, for-profit model corporation. All profits acquired go towards financial aid to benefit student interns.

Founded by Mr. Jim Carter, Mrs. Sue Hamrock, and Mrs. Robin Foersch in 2009, With an annual income budget of $950,000, Trinity Corporation provides student leaders with real-life work experiences in retails sales, online sales, marketing, advertising, food services, and catering  During the 2014-2015 school year, Trinity Corp provided additional financial aid amounting to approximately $185,000. The combined efforts of everyone involved made it possible for 80 students who struggled with tuition to remain at Servite. Trinity Corp Students are involved in a very intricate chain of command that starts with CEO Amar Raj Grewal, who also is the Vice President of Human Resources. Anthony Pinel is the VP of Retail. Saul Betancourt is the VP of Food Services. And Colin Koerin is the VP of Marketing.

Due to the creation and presence of Trinity Corporation on campus, Servite has been able to involve the student body in activities like the annual spirit shirt contest, not to mention various construction projects.

Thanks to the real-life work model of Trinity Corp, students can acquire many skills necessary to thriving  in the workforce right out of high school or even during a  high school career.

“Trinity Corporation reflects the commitment that Servite High School has made to financial aid and the improvement of the students’ experience in achieving the goal,” Hamrock said.

Trinity Corporation continues to provide a multitude of opportunities for Servite students that will enhance their high school experience and expand their full potential.

-Anthony Pinel