Shawnee Mission East

My message: Strengthen the Freedom of Information Act

Dear Future President,

As a student journalist, I would like to ensure that the strength of the Freedom of Information Act – which allows for the release of federal documents – and the attempt President Obama has made at a “transparent administration” be continued. In fact, I hope that you, future president, are able to further his efforts.

Though progress has been made – the Obama administration pushed agencies to proactively publish data – a look at the details show initial endeavors may have fallen through the cracks a bit. For example, the “open meetings law” has so successfully been dodged that 60 percent of committee meetings were closed to the public in 2012, according to the Washington Post. Future President, we know this will apply to you. Opportunities to hold secret meetings and classify documents as secret will arise; we’re sure of it. Please limit such opportunities, because we need to know what’s going on.

Celia Hack

Shawnee Mission East

Fairway, Kan.