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‘Tasty’ trials

I see their videos constantly in my Facebook feed. These minute-long videos have everything from mini-caramel apple tarts to a seven-layer steak sandwich.

Tasty’s”  Facebook page has over 35 million likes, and its popularity continues to grow. Whatever food it is, the recipe always look quick, easy and delicious, which is why I was excited to try four recipes and see if it’s all it advertises to be.

Breakfast: Cream cheese stuffed bagel bites

The video for the bagel bites showed dough soft enough to sleep on, but that wasn’t the case for me – mine was tough and hard to work with. This could be because I couldn’t find malt syrup at the grocery store and had to use malt vinegar instead, but that was out of my control. 

I didn’t love these bagels. The portability of the bite was a good idea, but the flavor was not there. It was a bland and lumpy ball of dough with too much cream cheese in the middle. In fact, after only one, I felt a little sick and had to wash it down with orange juice.



Lunch: Peanut pasta noodle salad

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous making this dish. I have a low spice tolerance, and the spicy red color of  the sauce from the Sriracha was intimidating. And indeed, the first bites made my mouth scream for milk. Since the pasta was somewhat healthy — it had chopped veggies after all — I felt I deserved some chocolate milk. One bite ginger, the next peanut butter, I found the flavors delicious and complementary. Plus, I was impressed to find a spicy dish I enjoyed.


Snack: Pull-apart garlic rolls

A simple recipe, all I had to do was cut up Pillsbury biscuits and mix them with garlic, parsley and mozzarella. When I saw the cheese browning and becoming crispy, I took them out, even though it was early. As a result, my soft, buttery roll was now bland and hard. The rolls get kudos for being photogenic though, with parsley flakes and a golden top.


Dessert: Marshmallow s’mores treats

Melted marshmallows are a sticky mess. Making the treats, I had to race to mix the rapidly, hardening white goop with crushed graham crackers before it turned rock solid. The stress was worth it though. The video had boasted of perfection: soft marshmallow and gooey chocolate, and the treats didn’t disappoint. Every bite made me feel the fire on my toes as I roasted marshmallows for s’mores in the summer.

For the most part, I was pleased with “Tasty’s” recipes. They definitely checked off the box for delicious – most of the time at least. However, I had to buy a bunch of ingredients for the “effortless” recipes, which wasn’t fun. Plus, the quick videos set unrealistic expectations, as I cooked for about two and a half hours straight to make four recipes. I forgive them though, because their no-bake Nutella cheesecake is next on my list, even if it will take me a while.

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