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How to: Thrifting Edition

  1. Be bold!

Thrift stores are like pomegranates — strange, unappealing, and callus on the outside, but once you crack open the shell and take a leap of faith to go inside, the amount of gems you’ll be lucky enough to score is limitless! Don’t worry about the store’s size or the paint chipping on the outside! It’s time to stop judging stores by their storefronts and take a step inside something.


  1. Stay Local!

Unless you have time to take an adventure and drive all around the city, there’s no need to travel far to find unique pieces. It is as simple as taking a couple minutes to look around your neighborhood. Not only will you be able to stumble upon the zaniest of the zany, but by shopping locally, you are able to strengthen your community by supporting small business owners and family-owned shops right in your own backyard!


  1. Only have “$20 in your pocket?”

There isn’t a need to spend a fortune either! As our good friend Macklemore reminds us, you will get a lot out of only bringing “20 dollars in your pocket!” Keep your eyes and ears open for thrift stores, like Jet Rag in Hollywood and the Beautiful Store in Canoga Park which have weekly dollar sales! They are totally a must!


  1. Ask Questions!

You never know if there is a special story behind a piece or what decade it might’ve been from! Talk to shop owners and let them drop some knowledge bombs on those sick new threads you picked up.


5.Try before you buy!

Don’t rush out of there too quick! I know how tempting it is to rush out of the store with huge handfuls of finds you are so sure will work out; however, one must take heed! Not trying on an item to make sure you love it on is an easy way to overspend — even if only by a couple dollars!


  1. Tell your friends

Many thrift stores also give portions of their profits to charities, programs, and good causes within our community and country. Whether showing support through donating or buying, make sure to spread the word and get your friends to come and support these businesses!

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