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Immigration & inequality

As of lately, immigration has been an ongoing issue within our community. Although our country claims to offer immigrants as much opportunity as possible there are many cases in which immigrants aren’t being offered as many opportunities as they claim to receive. Within my community, thousands of immigrants lack the support the government claims to provide them with. Many immigrants, aren’t able to receive the education legal residents receive. Few of my peers are immigrants because they were brought here as a child. As college season is approaching my peers are growing concerned about their availability of being able to qualify for the university of their dreams because of their legal status. Students in my school fight for an opportunity to achieve the education they desire, who are known as DACA students. This one of the many examples in which immigrants aren’t receiving the equal opportunity they deserve. Another example, my community struggle to receive equal opportunity in gaining a job permit. Not being able to have the eligibility to work makes it really difficult for immigrants to find a stable job and contribute to the economy the way the government wants them to. Similarly, immigrants struggle with receiving health benefits. Although the government doesn’t consider immigrants as contributors to the economy they really do. If immigrants help contribute to the economy the least they should receive is health benefits and job opportunities. Overall, we should try to find a solution to help offer equal opportunity to immigrants as much as possible.

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