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Immigration & mi vida

Work boots covered in cement against a wall, the sounds of cracking bones, and clothes drenched in sweat is what I see and hear every day when I come home from school.

My parents clicking the button to a screen that speaks about immigrants contributing nothing to society but mishap. A wave of disappointment comes across the room. My little brother and sister hearing these nasty words are a norm these days.

Stepping out of my home into a world that makes people with similar or deeper skin feel unacceptable in society feels like a raging fire inside. Fear of speaking, and reaching for something higher than what is expected of me seems like a fantasy.

The world seems to be against my family and me.

Realizing that no human is illegal brought pride and motive to break stereotypes that are put upon people like me. Fear became a strength of mine. My pops, on the other hand, gets tense when that black and white car comes close. My mama cautious with her English and making sure she does not make any mistake of exposing where she is originally from.

I remain in the chair of my school to continue my dream and fight to live in a world with no fear for my mama and pops. Being able to continue to teach my little sister and brother to live their lives regardless of harsh words is what I aspire to do.

Countering the narratives that criminalize my family and me for entering the US is the movement I have made for my inner self. Nothing will stop me even if it means that I have to burst down the wall.

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